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Studio Etiquette

Arrival & Check-In

Students can register, purchase and check-in for classes easily through Cowtinker or Yoga Revive app. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class. When you arrive, please take your shoes off and check-in at the front desk. Doors will close 5 minutes after class starts, and if you are late, you may lose your spot. 

Phones & Electronics

Please silence or turn off your cell phone prior to entering the studio, and leave it in one of the cubbies. Cell phones and other electronics are not permitted in any of the yoga rooms during class. (Please see the studio director if you absolutely need your phone in the yoga room.)


Please inform your instructor about any injuries or conditions that may affect your practice. If you are injured or simply feeling tired, omit or modify poses as needed. 

Peace & Quiet

Please try your best to be quiet in the yoga room. If you would like to socialize with others before the start of class, feel free to speak softly with those near your mat or outside the yoga room. If you need to leave class early, please notify the instructor prior to the start of class and quietly collect your belongings before Savasana. Once Savasana has commenced, please remain on your mat so as not to disturb others.


Please keep the studio clean by throwing your trash, recycling or used towels in the proper receptacles. Place the props back in their designated areas. During hot yoga classes, refrain from pouring water on yourself. Glass bottles are not permitted. Before leaving the studio, make sure you did not leave anything behind. (In case you forgot something, we will keep it behind the front desk.)


Please be mindful of your personal hygiene, and if necessary, shower prior to arrival. Refrain from wearing perfumes and heavily fragranced body lotion. If you are heavy sweater, please bring or rent an extra towel to wipe up after yourself. Finally, be courteous with showers and keep it to five minutes. 

Listen to Your Body

Most importantly, always honor where you are in your practice. Don't push yourself! You will progress farther and quicker when you maintain a loving attitude toward yourself. 

Minor Policy

Minors must be at least 16 years old to attend adult classes and/or meet the minimum age limit for our kids yoga classes. A parent or guardian must sign our liability waiver in order for their child to take class. 

Questions? We are always here to help.

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